A Interiorana – The stress doesn’t seek address


I haven’t been very well in the last days. I have been very tired, exausted, and with the weight on my head about things that doesn’t leave me in peace.

One fact? The stress doesn’t seek address, you can live in countryside or big cities, all people have problems.

I think if all this stress makes us earn something. We worry with work, with our friends, with things of house, fears, love, we see ourselves so bogged down with thoughts that won’t let us breathe and remember the why all this. If we work, we work because we need, but why do we need? Why do we need to worry? Why can’t we lay our heads down on pillow and have a good night of sleep? I don’t have a good night sleep for days, the pain consumed my body, the music already can’t relax my head.

What’s the price of all this stress? Maybe we should ourselves worry less and give value for little things that us make fine.

Text: Thais Calado.
Phtoto: Reproduction.